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Arabian Woman - Home

Posted on Aug 15, 2004  |   6860 views  

Arabian Woman.. The mother of our ancestors and our grandparents, the best example for a woman who sacrificed for her family. She used to live in the hot deserts. She had to have the same food for her meals. She lived among wolves and scorpions. She had to take care of herself, her children and her husband, and she had to milk the camels, cook food and clean up the place at the same time. But with all that, she never complained, never felt scared, never gave up! She raised her childern as good as she could. She taught them how to be generous, honest, faithful, brave, and all good arabian features. And now, all those knights, scientists, scholars, doctors, judges, lawyers. Everyone who did something that the world is proud of, belongs to her. Everyone is applying what he learned from her. Everyone is doing this encouraged by her. How could anyone imagine home or the world without her? She's what I call "HOME".

Saudi Arabia

MediumDrawing, Pencil

Collections Refugees: Homes

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