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The contest closed Aug 31, 2004. The voting closed Aug 31, 2004.



Refugees: Homes

Today millions of people live under the recognized status of "Refugee". For some reason millions of people without a home. Millions of people that leave home, home being a war-torn land. Millions of people whose home has been stolen. Millions of people whose land no longer exists. Millions of people who dream of better conditions, a real dream, a concrete need, one opportunity. Millions of people that wander in search of a new place to call home. Some are born wandering, others will die as they wander. Some will find what they seek as they wander. For a refugee a home can be all this, yet means far more than all this. For each of us a home is always more than a space, a territory, a flag, a passport, or a nation. What is a Home? Where is your Home?