Submissions accepted until Oct 17, 2022.

Dare to Reshape Our World

We are the “most connected generation in history” and yet many people feel more alone than ever before. With the new technologies we have at our fingertips, we have woven an interconnectedness between communities and across geographic borders.

The promise of technology is to bring us closer together, yet depending on how it is used, it can have the opposite effect.

In the midst of the global pandemic, we have used the powers of technology to remain safely connected and to share with our communities through digital channels. Technology has removed barriers and allowed us to share our unique experiences. It also has allowed us to come together as a global community and create a sense of belonging. This interconnectedness presents us with an incredible opportunity to connect, make impactful decisions, and reshape our world to be more inclusive.

We invite your imagination, voice and perspectives to reflect and create upon the theme of social connectedness and the power to reshape the world. What would you like to change?

Will you:

  • Create safer spaces where everyone feels safe and connected
  • Influence others to learn about issues that impact all of us globally
  • Challenge leaders to take action on important global matters

We understand that creativity takes many shapes and forms and we invite you to be part of our online collection and exhibit. Our plan is to showcase the works submitted as part of international conferences and gatherings with the aim of inspiring decision-makers and community leaders. With this in mind, please include a short description with the image or video that you submit to provide additional context on the meaning of what you have created.

Submit Now!

While the contest is open to everyone, contest winners must be between 10-30 years old at the time of entry. Participants can submit more than one art piece to the contest.

First prize: Lenovo Yoga 7
Second Prizes (2): iPad (8th Generation)
Third Prize (3): $100 USD gift card to support a project of their choice

Prize winners must be 10-30 years old.