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Posted on Oct 21, 2022  |   2326 views  

These are the visions that come up to my mind when I close my eyes and imagine a better world. I think of all the things that are changing very quickly and also about the many ‘problems’ to fix in the world today. Issues represented in this piece are: fight for equality (LGBTQ+), Peace and Conflict, Environment (Global Warming and Deforestation), Poverty, Globalization, Technology, and Media (social media and instant gratification), and Human Rights. I reimagined this problems by presenting them through an "empathic perspective". I believe that through empathy we could fix all the problems, or at least the biggest problems, in the world. Empathy is crucial for people to help and understand others. This piece shows how through an "empathic point of view" on can see and understand the problems in the world and everything that is changing, and figure out ways to improve this world and fix these problems. Each of these problems also represents an opportunity to engage and shape the future of our communities and our world. This price shows this through the connection and merge of all the elements, representing how we all can help and engage to shape a better future; there's a place for all. We are all able to reimagine this world, one blink could be all it takes to change your perspective. "You change the world when you change your mind". Proud member of Yunuen de la Mora Academia de Teatro Musical.

Emiliano Morales | 21 | Mexico

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