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Posted on Nov 16, 2022  |   603 views  

This artwork is to represent what could be in the future. To benefit the world, a sense of community and uplifting is symbolized by the girl who is helping a lost child. The girl is to represent the guidance which children need to benefit the future generations. The setting of the overgrown museum represents the past. Histories which are stored and forgotten need to be remembered as they help us grow as people. The wall within the museum is broken, to shine light onto the past. Another symbol can be seen by the plants on the ground. I wanted to imitate a concrete ground which represents hardship and struggles we go through. As time goes on, those grounds slowly break away, letting plants grow out into the light. The blue sky conveys the feeling of moving forward to continue the journey. The skeletons of fish have a hidden meaning. It is a part of another problem which we face today; extinction within the animal population. They are swimming around the museum as it’s a problem which was seen way back in the past. I chose fish to represent this due to overfishing and the rapid decline in fish species. This also affects the marine ecosystem and its inhabitants. The fish supply will decrease, and it will inevitably affect us as well. I wanted to bring light to this problem by representing it within my artwork.

Sophia Kim | 17 | Canada

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