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The contest closed Nov 16, 2022.



Dare to Reshape Our World

What visions come to mind when you close your eyes and imagine a better world?

There are many things changing very quickly and many ‘problems’ to fix in the world today. Each of these problems also represents an opportunity to engage and shape the future of our communities and our world.

Being able to visualize how our world could be different provides a strong anchor as we navigate through these times of uncertainty and change.

We invite your imagination and creativity to run wild and visualize how the world could be improved.

We want to collect bold visions for how our systems could be re-imagined in new ways. We have a stack of prizes (including laptops, ipads and more) to reward those with compelling visions for our future who upload their works to our global gallery set.

Over the next few months we will be using new technologies to create a series of visuals relating to Internationally recognized days and how themes of these days could be used to transform our world. We hope these inspire you to create your own works and to upload them.

We're launching this contest to coincide with the upcoming virtual GLOW conference and will showcase the winning entries at this event. Our plan is also to showcase the works submitted as part of other international conferences and gatherings with the aim of inspiring decision-makers and community leaders. With this in mind, please include a short description with the image or video that you submit to provide additional context on the meaning of what you have created.


While the contest is open to everyone, contest winners must be between 10-30 years old at the time of entry. Participants can submit more than one art piece to the contest.

First prize: Lenovo Yoga 7
Second Prizes (2): iPad (8th Generation)
Third Prize (3): $100 USD gift card to support a project of their choice

Prize winners must be 10-30 years old.