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The contest closed Oct 31, 2003. The voting closed Oct 31, 2003.



The Power of Media

Imagine a billboard at the busiest intersection in the biggest city in the world. Every day, millions of people walk by and see it. This billboard has the power to communicate, connect, open minds, change opinions, and plant seeds for positive action. This billboard is a form of media: the means through which most of our opinions and perceptions of reality are filtered as we discover the world through the pen of a journalist, or the lens of a camera. Media shapes society in ways that are often subtle, but always profound. An important example of this is how media is used and controlled in democratic versus dictatorial regimes. Now imagine that you have the opportunity to put a creative advertisement for a social issue on this billboard. Your advertisement can be for a global, national, or local issue that you think more people should know about. What would your advertisement promote? What would your advertisement look like? What would your advertisement express?