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The contest closed Feb 21, 2006. The voting closed Feb 21, 2006.



Urban Sustainability: Frame Your City

A city is an infinite collage of spaces that are constantly in transit and motion. Gaps often go unnoticed and build a new landscape that is blurry and out of focus. The ‘urban’ lives and breathes in between these gaps, relations between places and people, that also often go unnoticed. It is all periphery put in focus only by our gaze, as citizens or travelers, within and through a city. Our gaze is the only true epicenter of a city. The aim of our current contest is to put your city into focus – to literally frame a space, a gap, a place, a person, an issue and people – with the objective of capturing that one fragment that for you reflects the feeling and essence of a city. Your submission can be any medium (e.g. photograph, painting, drawing, digital graphic manipulation).