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The contest closed May 31, 2004. The voting closed May 31, 2004.




August 1961: A wall is erected in Berlin. The city is divided into two. A country is divided into two. The planet is opposed into two blocks. October 1989: The Berlin Wall is brought down. A country is reunited. The planet no longer opposed. May 2004: The ex-blocks unite under one common umbrella. Europe. May 2004: Elsewhere, walls are built, created physically or virtually. Dividing spaces and creating opposition between people. A wall that stands is symbol of division. A refusal to understand what is on the other side. Indifference towards the other side. Clashes with the other side, between blocks until they burst into flames. A wall is opposition. A wall that falls means change. The struggle of understanding. Exploring the other side. Living together. Sharing the block. A wall that falls is integration. Do you agree? Interpret, in an image, the meaning you give to integration or to division.