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The Information Age

Posted on Oct 29, 2003  |   2694 views  

The Information Age - Are You Making the Most of It? Some things separate humanity, like race, status, gender and style. Yet prevalent in our expanding societies and growing cultures are new and exciting methods of comunication and co-operation. This is the information age, the age of expansion and exploring posibilities and diversities that were previously unobtainable. Taking one mind, one skill, one creativity, and having the ability to spread it across the globe at the touch of a button, the sound of a voice. The peice I have created is a question. The best way to get a human being to pay attention is to ask a question, because this causes them to stop and think. The question that I pose to anyone that would see this billboard is; Are you making the most of the information age? There are so many people in this world that don't have the oportunity to share information with other people. Don't ever take the ability to share your knowledge and learn from others for granted, for the next age is just around the bend in time...


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