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Ekpe ancestral juju

Posted on Apr 14, 2008  |   4902 views  

This art work is a reflection of the Ekpe ancestral juju,that comes out during the ancestral dance.This dance is organised only during the death of a member of the ekpe society or during coronations and cultural festivals.This dance is from the peoples of Manyu division,in the south west province of Cameroon.The ekpe juju is feared and respected by all.when the juju is dancing onlookers must clap,else they meet they face the wrath of the juju;which results to severe whipping.Any disrespect of the juju is met with serious fines which involve the sacrifice of goats,fouls and jars of palm wine.Ekpe is a symbol of power,social concensus/order.It is the Manyu Cultural heritage.One can only identify him/herself as a true Manyu man/woman if he/she (or atleast the father) is a member of EKPE.



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