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The Paradise of No Man

Posted on Aug 16, 2003  |   1561 views  

In my digitally produced image, any unique resort or exotic island is a dream destination for both trekkers and adventurers. The formal juxtaposition of rockery mountains, undulating hills and artificially created agricultural areas show a sense of alienation in the context of environmental concerns. The placid surface of the lake reflects the image of lotus foliages with sand-whipping winds and surging tides. The jigsaw puzzle-like seascape exemplifies a meditative place of wisdom and the tranquility of natural world harmonizing with the borderless sky. Most importantly, the binary oppositions between the luminous shadows and lights of clouds reveal the symbol of immortality in the golden age of discovery. This earthly life represents the union of two realms, the unique essence of spirit and the infinite source of universal energy. My artwork shows a connection between the sublime parts of nature and the spontaneous expression of life.


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