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A Voyage to the New World

Posted on Aug 16, 2003  |   1261 views  

In my digitally produced image, I attempt to capture the vital energies of all living things, which can be substituted by extensive layers of colours, a multiplicity of forms, exaggerated structures, whirling lines and informal marks themselves. To me, any journey through the technological medium of cyberspace is a mixed message of hope, pessimism and uncertainty about the past and the future in a constant state of flux as circumstances change through time. My digital artwork explores the interrelationships between the process of technological transformation and the manifestation of cosmic power through cyberspace. The eternal beauty of new landscapes such as galaxies of stars, atmospheric hydrocarbons, terrestrial metals and minerals, and glittering rivers inspire me to raise various levels of my consciousness from somewhere deep within my soul. I believe that the transformation of subjective identity is both a represented and presented space, both a real place and its simulacrum, both a package and the commodity inside the package. Thus, the value of subjective identity is a combination of attachment to the natural world and travel subjects.


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