happy new year usa f/george bush jr

Posted on Oct 18, 2010  |   1038 views  

portrait of america- [ imagine the worst ] note: youtube deleted this video and refused to air it - feel free to mail youtube if you are offended by censoring --- "tear hate down", [ the canvas,] removed for sale on ebay.com, due to censorship issues- to view entire artwork, go to "painting" menu @ www.transcenderarts.com... --- in-depth transcender interview: http://iacmusic.com/news1/spotlight/spotlight13.htm --- transcenderarts homepage link: http://www.transcenderarts.com --- "happy new year usa" lyrics: http://www.transcenderarts.net/music/hnyusa.html music-lyrics-concept: transcender - video produced: transcender/lisa michelle- engineer: lisa michelle

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