tear hate down - transcender f/ astrid young

Posted on Oct 18, 2010  |   1235 views  

advisory - graphic content - a visual version of the song "tear hate down", recently removed by transcenderarts from the video page of neil young's lwwtoday war-anti war bu$iness site due to questionable charting practices - cut-paste into your browser these links: - - - "tear hate down" ("the canvas") removed from sale on ebay.com due to censorship issues... for complete viewing, click this link, www.transcenderarts.com website - http://www.transcenderarts.com/paint.php - - - in-depth transcender interview: http://iacmusic.com/news1/spotlight/spotlight13.htm - - - transcenderarts homepage link: http://www.transcenderarts.com - - - "tear hate down" lyrics from "live at the cathedral" cd: http://www.transcenderarts.net/music/cathedrallyrics.php - - - music-lyrics-concept: transcender - video production: transcender/lisa michelle - engineer: lisa michelle - NOTE: YOUTUBE DELETED THIS VIDEO AND REFUSED TO RESTORE IT - FEEL FREE AND ENCOURAGED TO MAIL YOUTUBE TO EXPRESS YOUR DISSATISFACTION IF YOU ARE OFFENDED BY YOUTUBE'S CENSORING

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