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Posted on Jul 9, 2005  |   1867 views  

Cutting a grass was still a tradition 50-100 years ago in my country. women and man gathered together and were cutting a grass by hand, and some women made a luch meanwhile. these traditions are dying too fast, machines do all the man's work. our group of scouts wanted to revoke this tradition, and many others, so we gathered together and were cutting the grass, making lunch ... so in the behalf of that we dressed in clothes that our grandparents used, and i must say it was fun. we were cutting the grass, cooking, chating ... it was really nice experience for all of us. this is just a picture of one of us, my friend. not only traditions, also with machines we pollute envirionment and also these days farmers are not preciated enough and they don't get enough money for the work they plod. they are not threated good enogh as they should be. and also for all the youngsters: cutting grass and revoking traditons is fun!!


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