Destination Sun

Posted on Dec 10, 2004  |   1602 views  

This is a part of my biking Goddess series. I wanted to capture the free spirited feeling I get when riding my bike in nature. The wind blowing through my hair and the fresh smells of nature conjure up a feeling of complete ecstacy. I truly feel like a little girl, which is a feeling I hope to cultivate when I’m old. I used to ride my bike a lot in Northern California. The rolling green hills always looked so feminine and lush (see subliminal image of a woman’s body in the hills). Discovering old, desolate roads is one of my favorite things to do because they always take me to the most heavenly places. Destination Sun is where my souls yearns to go. To the flowing green pastures of Northern California.Heaven on earth.

MediumPainting, Oil

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