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Peace Arts Exchange Project

Peace Arts Exchange Project is the series of events which will be held annually by Mekongaholics every October and January to encourage the development of a children-centered sustainable social platform under the core theme “ASEAN Cultural Exchange through Puppets and Folktales” and its technique approach as "Exploration of Cultural Expression through Art of Recycle". International storytellers and puppeteers will have the chance to collaborate with local artists to enrich the ecosystem for interactive storytelling arts with puppets for emotional & creative education at various levels, from preschool to higher education as well as community development. Local children, youth and families will have an opportunity to experience and learn about art and culture, both traditional and contemporary, from ASEAN and international troupes to local puppeteers and storytellers. The original event under the name IN&OUT Peace Arts Festival (IPAF) took place for the first time from 14 to 21 October, 2018 in Hồ Chí Minh City. Its special edition, Mekong Peace Arts Exchange (MPAE), took place for the first time from 13 to 20 January, 2019 in Mekong Delta. In the first edition, the festival attracted about 4000 participants for the total of 15 workshops and 21 performances in all venues, from which some newly established local troupes will be introduced to public in the next festival. ​ Interested artists and sponsors please kindly contact us for more information via

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