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I am what Iam, quick Click to find out More . and the world peace if you want too... <><> <><>  <><> I love people with respect to Live and I have a... read more I am what Iam, quick Click to find out More . and the world peace if you want too... <><> <><>  <><> I love people with respect to Live and I have a reference for the God. I like positive people with ideas to help and empower others About Me ---------------------------------------------------------------- About my work... I work towards exploring the social benefits of IT. I am interested in learning how the new communication technologies are influencing the regional cultures and forming intercultural linkages the world over. I hope to explore new connections through TIG. Future agenda... I plan to pursue my Ph. D. and desire to teach as well as work as a field researcher after that. I am keen to learn as many new things as I can and benefit others with my learning throughout my career. Interests... Music has been a source of inspiration and power through the most of my life. I prefer country, ballads, pop and soft rock and occasionally enjoy reggae too. Am not an avid reader but keep on reading on diverse topics like history, Peace & Confilicte, religion, culture, science and technology and so on from time to time. Like my reading, my interests too range from food to IT. I love to travel and cook and also enjoy working out during extreme weather conditions. On being an Egyptian . I am thankful to the God that I am born in a country like Egypt where I can see different extremes of life and can also feel a rare combination of different socio-cultural backgrounds. I write political editorials on topics ranging from the years presidential election, the emergeing nuclear crisis in North Korea, to cultural and social issues and problems affecting the United States and the world peace. Im eager to hear what other people have to say about issues, whether I agree with them or not. In my opinion, that is how one gains knowledge, by taking an issue and studing it and applying different perspectives, and taking those perspectives and using them to make change in the world around you. I also have other hobbies, non-political related such as listening to music, roller blading/skating, and hangin out with friends. PEACE WITH YOU :- MY IDEALS TO LIFE Life is what you make of it,Its a part of you that doesnt have to be fictional. It’s about making the best of every chance you have got, pulling yourself out of difficult situations, coping with hard times, making mistakes, admitting to them and learning from them, and finally moving on with life without looking back, because life will always go on without looking back at you. Being nice and honest is my best policy for my life pursuit, but not at the expence of other people’s happiness. Being wise enough to reach for your hand and touch your heart and sole , therefore not taking chances or wasting time in trying to live your life while it lasts, trying to please others,when the truth is you can’t please everyone at the same time . Finally and most importantly, doing unto others what you want them to do FOR YOU . To be remembered always for something and anything good and to be a success . I hope to put a smile in the faces of the unborn child and his parent too for life.

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