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Fabrice Marre, Action Agent - DeforestAction: Project Borneo 3D

Posted on Mar 24, 2011  |   3541 views  

If you like this video, please give me your support and vote/rate this video. To learn more about DeforestAction please visit: I am more than ready to go and work as a volunteer in the jungle, help save the orangutans, help local communities, restore a full eco system and be part of a 3D documentary to raise awareness about what is happening in Borneo. To create this video, I've used the following images/videos: "RAN's Rainforest Agribusiness Team Investigates Palm Oil Controversy in Indonesia" By Rainforest Action Network under Creative Commons licence. "_MG_4669-3" By Greenpeace Finland under Creative Commons licence. "Rocket Man" By Cloodlebing and Great Kindness under Creative Commons licence. "Orangutans in Indonesia" By captaincinema under Creative Commons licence. Earth shots from Celestia and a bit of magic.... Amazing music from Josh Woodward "Adventures of the Deaf Dreamer (Instrumental)" Album "Only Whispering" under Creative Commons licence. Thanks for watching and please help save the rainforests and endangered wildlife. It seems a world away from the urban comfort of our industrialized world but our future and the future of other living beings really depend on the good health of our planet. Our future depends on what we do now.


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