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Poem Without End: Highly Poetry !

Posted on Oct 30, 2008  |   2197 views I STRONGLY ENCOURAGE you to take part to my initiative to elaborate a POEM that never ends about CULTURE, POETRY, DIVERSITY, CLIMATE CHANGE AND ALL THE ISSUES THAT YOUTH ARE PASSIONATE ABOUT. The main purposes are to promote cultural exchanges and cultural diversity through art, to promote poetry as a tool to inspire, informe and engage youth (it is the spirit of TakingITGlobal, isn't it ?), a tool for youth empowerment, an educative tool used in schools and universities to encourage creativity, art and poetry and also help the students enrich their writing skills by participating in this project and being recognized as young poets (I plan to publish the poem without end called Highly poetry ! in its five versions in a book dedicated to this project, maybe youth can be motivated to participate if they realize that we are recognizing their work and at the same time we are helping them improve their writing skills and thus, they'll have higher marks and will be more self-confident !). DON'T HESITATE TO PARTICIPATE.


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