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Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Posted on Sep 14, 2006  |   1508 views  

Well, this is my town, well atleast the downtown. Milwaukee, its kinda a strange name, don't you think? Ok, the tallest building in the picture is the US Bank Building which is also the tallest building in Wisconsin (and no, its not very tall compared to skyscrapers in Chicago or New York City, not even close). On the right side, you can see 2 different white buildings. The first one (shaped like a rectangle with a circle), is the Discovery World, which is a cool tech meseum with robots and such. The building farther than that (triangular, shaped like a sail boat or a butterfly kinda thing) is the Milwaukee Art Museum, which is Milwaukee's logo, and one of the buildings we are known for. Shot: From Bay View Shore Park

United States

MediumPhotography, Colour

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