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Vittoria La Neve

Elementary Certified Teacher, Ontario (Canada) ---------------- (Former) Advisor, Co-Founder, Volunteer, Advocate <a... read more Elementary Certified Teacher, Ontario (Canada) ---------------- (Former) Advisor, Co-Founder, Volunteer, Advocate <a href="">Vaughan Youth Cabinet</a> City of Vaughan ---------------- (Former) Advisor, Administrator, Recipient, Volunteer, Advocate <a href="">La Rocca Bursary Award</a> City of Vaughan, C/O Mario Ferri ---------------- <a href="">Global Gallery</a> Co-Founder, Volunteer, Advocate TakingITGlobal ---------------- THINGS I'VE LEARNED: *God exists. *Advocate for yourself, because no one else will. *You are your own marketing billboard. Dress and Behave to attract what you want. *Be nice. Kindness is not corny. FAV. QUOTES: “...Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure..." (Return to Love by Marianne Williamson, Harper Collins, 1992.) "What you get out of it, is what you put into it." (B. Poser) "I have no need to rush because I have all the time in the world. ... I am always in the right place at the right time, and <b>all is well</b>." (Louise L. Hay) "You have the power to attract anything you want in the universe." (The Secret) “Do to others whatever you would like them to do to you. This is the essence of all that is taught in the law and the prophets." (Matthew 7:12) The 8 Beatitudes. (Jesus);) "Just like the acorn has the complete oak tree within its tiny form, so do I have success within me." (Louise L. Hay) "The opportunities and possibilities are limitless" (GirlsAreIt Prog. / Jen Corriero) "Whatever you do, you do it in a unique, dramatic, individual way. You like to put your own personal stamp on it." (Astrology Quiz Birthday Report. lol.) ;) <b>IN A NUTSHELL...</b> @ introduced to TakingITGlobal (TIG) by its <a href="">co-founders</a> @ fall of 2000: became a <a href="">member</a> & <a href="">volunteer</a> @ part of TIG Toronto (founding) team @ spring of 2001: visionary & first coordinator of TIG <a href="">Global Gallery (GG)</a> @ summer of 2001: employed by TIG (as <a href="">GG Coordinator</a>) through Royal Bank (Career Edge Program) Internship @ fall 2001: accepted into Faculty of Arts at <a href="">York University</a> (YU) (had to leave full time internship at TIG) @ winter 2002: accepted to York International's <a href="">Emerging Global Leader's Retreat</a> (50 YU students are selected) @ winter 2002: received the <a href="">Wired Woman</a> "Young Woman of the Year" <a href="">Award</a> at the Spotlight Awards Gala in Vancouver, B.C, Canada (awarded to one Cdn woman under the age of 25 for her efforts with community engagement) @ spring 2002: "summer" abroad course in Bologna, Italy; studied <a href="">Advanced Italian Language & Culture</a> at the <a href="">Universita` di Bologna</a> (along with YU's Department of Languages, Literatures & Linguistics <a href="">Italian Program</a>) @ fall 2002: accepted into York University's Faculty of <a href="">Fine Arts Cultural Studies</a> (FACS) Program @ summer 2004: Put together Draft Program for TIG Camp (TIG Camp 04 Program Coordinator) @ 2002 - 2005: (Part-Time) Senior Assistant Counsellor for the <a href="">Learning Skills Program (LSP)</a> at York University's Counselling & Development Centre (CDC) @ 2005 - 2006: (Volunteer) Co-Founder/Chair of City of Vaughan Youth Cabinet (<a href=""></a>) @ April 2006: Graduated York University's Faculty of Fine Arts, Fine Arts Cultural Studies Programme (Italian Minor) & Computer Digital New-Media Certificate @ 1998 - June 2006: (Part-Time) Private Music Instructor @ 2006 - 2007: Faculty of Education, University of Western Ontario (Primary/Junior, Specialization English & Music) @ 2007 - Present: Elementary Teacher VALUES: _family_music_inspiration_friends_education_decision making_humour_kindness_the arts_technology_cultures_performance..._courage! SUMMARY · 10+ years experience in education and community engagement related fields · Visionary of’s Global Gallery · Received awards from York University Arts & Fine Arts Faculty and the Wired Women Society, regarding community outreach · Recognized in local, national print and television media · Excellent communication, customer service, artistic, leadership and facilitation skills (NUTSHELL) RECOGNIZED IN THE FOLLOWING MEDIA: · Sept. 30, 2007 <a href="">"Giving a voice to Vaughan: Region recognizes youth with La Rocca bursaries"</a> (Tandem Corriere Canadese) · Sept. 28, 2007 <a href=""> Motivational Speaker, "Project Vaughan" Conference </a> (The Mariano A. Elia Chair in Italian Canadian Studies at York University) · July 10, 2005 <a href="">"Vaughan's youth to be heard at the U.N. First initiative is to find out how teens and technology can better co-exist"</a> (Tandem Corriere Canadese) · May 8, 2002 <a href="">“Student is wired - with cyber art gallery”</a> (York University Gazette) · Feb. 17, 2002 <a href="">“City Honours Wired Women”</a> (Vaughan Citizen) · Feb. 14, 2002 <a href="">“Vaughan teens to serve on regional youth council”</a> (Vaughan Citizen) · Feb. 10, 2002 <a href="">“Young Artist Wired for Success: Wired Woman National Award” </a>(Vaughan Citizen) · “One on One” Guest, with host Jennifer Buchanan, Rogers Television (Repeated Air Time week of February 10-17, 2002) · Feb. 2002 <a href=""> "Wired Woman Society | Technoculture – Women in Profile”</a> (Wired Woman Online - National Newsletter) · Pianist & Conductor along with St. Joseph the Worker Parish Children’s Choir, CHIN Television with late host Johnny Lombardi (CHIN Holiday Millennium Special, December 1999) · Oct. 29, 1999 <a href="">“Building Bridges Across the High-tech Gender Divide”</a>(Globe and Mail) AMBITIONS: "Dreams are goals with deadlines" - <a href="">Stephen Covey</a> [no specific order & no due date at the moment, my apologies to covey] [NOTA BENE: THIS LIST WAS CREATED WHEN I WAS 19!] ^ to be HAPPY. ^ healthy and safe ^ becoming rich & famous (but not snobby) ^ to make tuition cheaper for students everywhere ^ <strike>B.A Hons.& B.Ed -- YorkU</strike> (B.Ed: UofWestern!) ^ Create a Cd (meaning produce/write/sing/play)...pop/vocal/orchestral/jazz/ know, something simple like that :-P ^ <strike>get an award for something cool b4 turning 20</strike> ^ meeting a wicked producer ^ Acting in a didactic motion picture ^ A.R.C.T - Royal Conservatory of Music ^ Finding a job which incorporates my passions and talents, inspires others as well as myself--and pays amazing!! ^ a Grammy? ^ an Oscar?? ^ getting married ^ meet a great guy ^ Being a guest on Oprah-not just in the audience--a guest ^ Keep the great guy ^ Meeting Rosie O'Donnell ^ Meet Celine Dion in person and have her remember who I am in the future! ^ Meeting any celebrity and have them remember who I am in the future--in a good way ;)lol ^ Have Alicia Keys play on my record or just meet her ^ Sing a duet with the Dixie Chicks or just meet them ^ Get vocal lessons? lol ^ Meet Shania in Switzerland ^ See Celine in Vegas ^ Duet with Celine, Alicia, Alanis, Dixie, Shania or cool female music artist ^ Finding a point of departure ^ understanding the root of the source and soaring from it ^ achieving my goals ^ <strike>Making my family happy (not sarcastic-meaning proud)</strike> (finished both my degrees and two certificates!!! lol) ^ TIG Gallery having a physical location or submissions displayed in a high-profile Museum one day ^ having children ^ Not have to worry about money ^ Traveling the world ^ help build libraries and computer labs in small towns of southern italy ^ be on Sanremo ^ finding a way to help everyone I know feel happy, healthy and safe ^ buy a villa on the Mediterranean coast ^ feel content and proud of my accomplishments... [NEW AS OF 2004] ^trying to achieve at least 3 of the above ambitions!! ^teaching a grade 8 class (forgot to add that to the last list) ^inspiring young kids about the arts ^[considering the possibility of] becoming a principal of an elementary or high school ^[considering the possibility of] working in culture [with a stable salery] ^[considering the possibility of... never working and sitting on a beach chair overlooking the mediterranean!...and then write a screen play called "Under the Calabrian Sun"] <strike>^to finish my undergrad with good grades!</strike> (check!) ^to feel happy about being my own valentine <strike>^to finish school in the required 4 years</strike> (did 5 yrs...obtained a digital media cert+degree) <strike>^knowing that i can be as talented & successfull as Beyonce` if i really wanted it </strike>(yup!) <strike>^to find a summer job that pays 12$ an hour (or more depending if the genie grants me more then 3 wishes :P)</strike> (yup; @ York, Fac of Atkinson Sum06) ^maintain my sanity ^go to italy?? <strike>^go on vacation</strike> (06: cruise & cancun! --finally after 4 yrs!) <strike>^tell myself that whatever i'm suppose to do with my life will soon avail itself to me</strike> -- yup! <strike>^knowing that "...I am too good for McDonalds but not ready for a full time career..."</strike> [CHECK to all below!] ^surprising myself everyday ^limit distractions ^set goals with deadlines ^honour your values ^remember your own personal mission statement ^be true to what you do "Explore the opportunity, enjoy the journey, experience LIFE..." -- V.L

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