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To know just how alone you really are.

Posted on Dec 5, 2020  |   2144 views  

The inspiration behind this piece stems from the loneliness we experience during our lives, and how the quarantine has accentuated this aloneness. We tend to mask our loneliness in many stages of our lives, however, this year we were forced to face it, in the most unvarnished way. This mask has been made from a collection of leaves and it is also a representation of how humans are one with the environment - as we enter into the fall season, the leaves begin to fall and shed, and we are slowly exposed to this truth. To lighten up the mood, this piece of work indirectly provides a glimpse of hope as we slowly begin to leave the lockdown/quarantine period - the leaves begin to fall, the mask is no longer there, and we begin to understand ourselves in our truest form.

Yasmin Alkurdi | 27 | Jordan

MediumPhotography, Colour

Related Issues Peace & Conflict

Collections Creativity in Quarantine


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