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Change yourself not the climate

Posted on Nov 11, 2023  |   270 views  

The purpose is to say a stop to the pollution we make and the climate change. The man in the front raising his hand is saying a stop to the pain and suffer that's happening in his back because of the climate change and behind that suffer there are people holding the world with ropes and they are burning the world on fire they made with purpose and next to the side that's suffering we see cheerful people representing the state that we stop the pollution we make. On the dry leaves we see there are gas masks we might have to use, a factory releasing substanceses that are bad for environment and a bird kind that might come to an end. So with this i wanted to show the reasons of climate change the results it will give us and our prize if we say an end to climate change.

Ceren Çetin | 15 | Turkey

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