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Be the Change

Posted on Feb 12, 2010  |   3680 views  

It can be interpreted in two ways: one is that it appeals to people "to be the change" and for everyone to to their bit and reduce their CO2 output so it's bringing everyone's attention to the 350 number of the safe upper limit of CO2. People can interpret it as the greenery is the current state and if we don't change our policies towards climate change and all do our bit the world will look like the image on the right:dry and barren. Or it can be seen as the dry barren land is now and if we all do our bit for the climate we can get it back to looking like the green image. The 350 is in red to bring attention and focus to the number which I think a lot of people are perhaps not aware of and it's imploring people to be the change, do your part and be aware that every little CO2 output into the atmosphere counts - every molecule counts.

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